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The CG125 Re-Build

When I got the little CG125 she wasn't in the best of condition, mechanically it was sound enough but aesthetically it was severely challenged.

The poor little girl had been left out in the rain so there was a lot of rust everywhere. But all-in-all not to bad for an 18 year old bike.

Getting Started
There was only one thing for it, strip it down, wire brush all metal and then re-paint it with Hammerite.
The Engine
The engine gearbox were also very tatty and needed doing up.
The front
The headlamp shell was smashed but was sorted out with a bit of fibreglass
The Rear
That's the back end sorted, notice the shock absorbers? Rebuilt and painted.
The Front Done
That's the front finished. Notice the dummy braided hoses?
Engine Detail
I tried to tart up the engine.
She's now a little beauty. All she needs now is an MOT.
That'll do CG
It flew past the MOT. All done and dusted.